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REVolt logo Port|Authoriity Flex-fit hats with FORDRANGEREV.COM on the back in red are available in S/M and L/XL for $20 each ($15 [$15.75 with PayPal] for Registry members) including all shipping and handling.

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REVolt Gear Hats

Do you need a REVolt T-shirt or hat? How about some graphics for your truck or a NGS card? Here’s the place!

VERY LIMITED Replacement Ranger EV NGS Program Cards Version 3.2 are now available only for Registry Members. For availability and pricing, contact REVolt Email REVolt.

NGS Program Card

REVolt T-shirts are available in white heavy weight 100% cotton in sizes from M to XL (larger +$2) with the REVolt logo and for $20 ($21 PayPal) but only$15 [$15.75 with PayPal] for Registry members including all shipping and handling. Show your friends your true colors! To order yours, Email REVolt your Name, Address, Qty, Sizes.

REVolt Gear T-shirts

The Original graphics that were available for the doors and tailgate of NiMH Ranger EVs have been reproduced and are available by special order. Graphics for light color trucks have a blue Ford logo and Electric. Dark color trucks (as shown in photo) have white Ford logo and Electric. Battery chemistry is pink in all versions. Graphics panels have all elements prepositioned on a backing sheet. These graphics can be easily applied using a water/soap solution, and nstallation instructions are provided for those that are handy. Some may prefer to have the graphics professionally installed.

Note: These are VERY good reproductions, and while original NOS graphics were used for accuracy, the original artwork was not available and so their are minor deviations from the originals. If you have any questions, please ask. Email REVolt.

Pricing varies with quantity, 3 panels are $150 ($155 with PayPal). Ask about a discount for Registry Members.

Please specify:

Quantity of graphic panels (3 panels required for 2 doors and tailgate)

Truck paint color

NiMH or LiFePO4 battery logo

Also available in French with Electric translated to Electrique

Ranger EV Graphics

REVolt logo coffee mugs are available with two-tone white exterior/ black interior and handle. The REVolt logo on one side and on the reverse side for $20 ($21 with PayPal) each including all shipping and handling.  Enjoy your morning coffee and let your friends know how hot it is to drive a Ranger EV! Email REVolt with your Name, Address, and Qty.

REVolt Coffee Mug

Protect your investment and give a shout-out to REVolt or any other custom logo design recreated in the highest quality carpeting. These art-mats are available in any color or design and are specifically designed to fit the contours of the Ford Ranger EV. These sculpted carpet art-mats are each hand-made by a skilled carpet artist and include a rubberized backing and are completely finished around the edge to give many years of service. If you have questions, please ask.  Email REVolt.

Pricing approximately $250 per pair varies by design.

Custom Ranger EV Floor Art-Mats