Why REVolt?


The automobile industry started over 100 years ago with electric vehicles and today we’re seeing the return to that heritage. An electric vehicle revolt can become part of a broad effort to revitalize the energy independence of the United States. The Ford Ranger EV was developed as part of a California Air Resources Board requirement for zero emission vehicles during the 1990s. Approximately 1500 vehicles were produced from 1998 to 2001 and in retrospect, was 10 years ahead of its time. Today, the Ford Ranger EV provides the strong shoulders for others to stand on as the industry returns to the electric vehicle marketplace.


We’re a passionate group of Ranger EV owners providing support and information to the Ranger EV community throughout the United States, Canada, and a surprisingly large group of Ranger EV owners in Norway and other foreign countries. Working together, we maintain technical data, spare parts, Ford Technical Service Bulletins, specialized service tools, troubleshooting expertise and vehicle upgrades. We’re called on to support local community based environmental events by displaying our vehicles to show others that electric vehicles are a practical solution for much of our daily transportation needs.

REVolt isn’t a club - we don’t have any meetings, no dues, no officers to elect or secret handshakes to learn. We’re owners with a common bond. An internet based group Linking Together for mutual support; providing a place for information, parts, tools, service, and resources necessary to achieve our goal - preservation of the Ford Ranger EV and the history of the Ranger EV Development Program.

FordRangerEV.com is where Ranger EV Owners Link Together.

This site would not exist without the input and support of Lanny Thomason, Don Blazer, and JoAnne Sarro. Much of the content shown here was developed with their help, particularly Lanny for sharing his vast experience and technical expertise of Ranger EVs. I appreciate and respect each of their contributions to the Ranger EV community in general and specifically to this site. Thank you!

The REVolt logo is based on the acronym Ranger EV Owners Link Together. It was designed in a custom italisized/ pointed/ bold font to evoke energy and strength. The lightning bolt relates to the electric source of power and the extension of the letter V helps to emphasize the Volt portion of the name. The extension of the letter R gives the wordmark balance and the overlap of some letters contributes to proper kerning. It’s the 11th of 12 versions developed over several months. The colors were selected to be clean and bright and ‘electric’. The logo was developed to give the site branding, and this site was developed to give a face to the Ranger EV community. I hope you enjoy them both.

The word revolt is commonly used in names. The name revolt is commonly presented as Revolt, REVOLT, ReVolt, Re-Volt, but not REVolt and/or specifically REVolt as used here. This site is not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company, with REVOLT Electric Vehicle Technology, REVOLT Technology, the Re-Volt RC car racing game, or the REVOLT hit counter.

REVolt is about breaking away and rising above more than creating an uprising. About Linking Together, more than storming the palace. When it comes to energy independence, we think we need to return to the roots of the automobile industry..... back to the volt...... we need to re-volt..... and so we need REVolt!

REVolt Logo